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Thermostar Dry Steam System

Watch how Thermostar works

Products for life
Buy smart – buy the Thermostar Dry Steam Systems! You will never need to purchase another steam cleaner ever again, so save your wallet and spare the environment! The system is available in two different versions, therefore you can select the version suitable for you according to your requirements.

You'll never need another dry steam cleaner again!
Because – no matter whether it is the Avantgarde S4 or Professional S4., the Thermostar Dry Steam System is a product for life.

*Stainless steel boiler (10 year Warranty!)
*Integrated fan for cooling the electronics
*Self-decalcifying heating rod (expansion with temperature increase leads to the lime deposits dropping off)
*Self-decalcifying electro-mechanical float (with True Temp technology for continuously high steam temperature)

Thermostar Dry Steam System

Standard equipment

1. Thermostar Dry Steam Cleaner: Avantgarde or Professional
2. Two extensions
3. Two standard brushes with steam puffers
4. A set with standard brushes
5. Two steam lances
6. A drain dome head
7. A steam scraper

Additional Thermostar tools

1. Thermostar Steam Mop System
2. Steam iron
3. Steam ironing station
4. Cleaning cart

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