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Doulos Cleaning Services Doulos Cleaning Services

Doulos Cleaning Services from the Greek word “servant” is a professional company which specializes in cleaning houses, condominiums, apartments, and offices located in Metro Manila, nearby provinces and Cebu.

Established last 2012, with over 7 years of experience taking care of the cleaning needs of homes, hotels, offices and condominiums.

Doulos Team come equipped with supplies and all the necessary tools like the Rainbow Hydro-cleaning Machine and Thermostar Microsteam Cleaner more to leave the space clean, sanitized, purified and organized.

The man behind Doulos has a great passion for cleaning with the use of top-of-the-line machines that assure all clients service excellence quality in all their Cleaning service offerings.

Doulos Story

Everything started with a Rainbow Vacuum Dealer who gives free demo to sell his product. Cleaning Services that time was unfamiliar and not yet offered in the market. He was a top dealer for he truly believes that his product is the best vacuum in the world. The Rainbow Hydro clean vacuum is pricey and only the rich and famous can afford the product. One day while giving a demo, a customer suggested why not offer cleaning services if the customer can hardly afford the vacuum. It was an A-ha moment. From that day in 2012, he offered cleaning services to subdivisions, condominiums and offices.

His journey was not a walk in the park but everything paid off in 2015 when the cleaning industry became a hit. In 2019, he partnered someone in Cebu and expanded his cleaning services in the Visayas region.

His dream of becoming the #1 Preferred Cleaning Services in the Philippines is yet another milestone worth achieving.


"We are professionally recognized team of committed cleaners that provide best value for quality cleaning experience using the world’s best cleaning machines in the industry."


"Deliver quality service excellence in the cleaning industry with the best value."

Core Values

Our cleaning company provides growth and sustainability to all our employees and develop opportunities for continuous improvement in fulfilling the market needs.


- We believe that building a long-term business relationship with our clients is important and trust is needed to fulfill the mutual progress of both sides.


- Innovations and continuous improvements to achieve customer satisfaction and being a market leader in the industry.


- We build-up our employees to be the best cleaners through trainings and seminars.

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